About Us

Who is Dairy Country?

Dairy Country is a state of the art high volume dairy processing facility that value-adds and processes cheese products for the local and export markets. Our modern processing and packing facility means we are able to shred, grate or shave cheese products to most customer requirements.

We currently deliver shredded, grated and shaved cheese products from 500g to 6kg packages to some of Australia’s largest brands and companies (including supermarket home branded products and many brands you know and love). Some of Australia’s favourite cheese products come from Dairy Country.

Our fully accredited cheese processing plant has a capacity of 60 mt/day and on-site cold storage capacity of over 500 pallets, so you can rely on us to get the job done.

Welcome to Dairy Country

Dairy Country’s head office is situated in the Australian State of Victoria, and why wouldn’t it be with some of the world’s finest dairy country right on our doorstep?

Farming practices in Australia are some of the world’s best and our distance from the rest of the world also assures that land is pristine and clean.

What’s even better is that Victoria’s lush farming areas are only a relatively short distance from Melbourne (the capital city of Victoria).

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city with world class land, air and sea transport which means we are ideally placed to get our high quality products to you in a timely manner whether you are in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland or even to nearby parts of the world such as China and Japan.

Some of Australia’s largest and most well loved brands trust Dairy Country for their shredded cheese requirements, and now you can too.

What is our offering?

  • Shredded, shaved, grated cheese
  • Mozzarella, Parmesan and Tasty
  • 500g, 2kg, 6kg varieties
  • State of the art facilities and commitment to quality
  • World class pastures and farming
  • Assurance that we are trusted by some of Australia’s largest brands

We shred, package and deliver commercial quantities of Mozzarella, Tasty and Parmesan cheese varieties for some of Australia’s largest brands. How can we help you?